Notes Jan 21 - *East Africa Hippo provides nutrients in...

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Biology Jan 21 Ecosystems- A collection of different communities living together with the a biotic and other living organisms Ecology- Study of interaction of living things with their environment (Biological and Physical) *Energy Sources *Autotrophs- self feeding; photosynthetic CO2+H2O+sunlight= glucose+ O2 *Heterotrophs- other feeding; other sources -Herbivore= Plant -Carnivore= Flesh -Omnivore=Pant or Flesh *Decomposers- Fungi and Bacteria A biotic sources: Physical, non- living things, geology, altitude, water availability, water quality, temperature, climate and weather factors Biotic Factors- Plants, Animals, Food sources, diseases, parasites, bacteria, fungi Food Chain or Food Webs- order in which energy is being moved Keystone species- without a certain species and ecosystem cannot survive
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Unformatted text preview: *East Africa- Hippo provides nutrients in water, without that nothing can survive Habitat- place or surroundings where an organism lives Niche- Role of a species (plant or animal) within an ecosystem Biosphere- All global geological, climatic, and living things working together *Some sense like a “Giant Organism” *To a large part Homeostatic Things such as global warming demonstrate the potentially catastrophic effect by seemingly miniscule things Pyramid of Numbers ***Look at Diagram in Notes Biomass- Measure of stored energy (calories) Productivity- the amount of biomass produced in a year represented by g/m^2.year Trophic structure= “feeding levels” Trophic Levels- represent food chains and the amount of energy in each level Pyramid of Biomass ***Look at Notes...
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Notes Jan 21 - *East Africa Hippo provides nutrients in...

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