Notes May 6th final exam

Notes May 6th final exam - Nuero Tran mitters is called...

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Circumcision reduces HIV, many say this isn’t a factor in doing it Nervous System Single nerve cell is a neuron Branches leading into the nerves are dendrites Signal goes from dendrites to cell body to axon Neurons have long life spans Nerve cells can transmit to dendrites from anywhere on our body High concentration of sodium on the outside and potassium ions on the outside of our nerves Sensory nerves Carry signals to our brain Carry signals 6 feet per second Motor Nerves Carry signals to brain to some effecter (muscle) Carry signals 300 ft per second Work faster because of myelin which is insulation for the nerve, wrapped around the axon The signal jumps around the insulation Jumping signal is called saltation Synapse- axon and dendrite of don’t touch, neurotransmitter crossed between the spaces.
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Unformatted text preview: Nuero Tran mitters is called acetylcholine Synapses connect all nerves together Reflex Arc only involves 3 neurons Sensory Inter neuron- spinal cord Motor neuron Brain Cerebrospinal fluid- spinal cord relays to brain Spinal tap- draw out fluid, tells them if there has been a brain injury Effect of Alcohol on CNS CNS depressant- brain and spinal cord Behavior changes- frontal lobe Loss of Dexterity touch- cerebral cortex Depression of speech, hearing and vision Coordination, balance- cerebellum Sleep Coma, alarm clocks Depression of breathing; heart rate etc. Medulla death by alcohol poisoning...
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Notes May 6th final exam - Nuero Tran mitters is called...

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