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Study Guide # 1 J.W. Via Biology 1006- General Biology Ecosystems Big and Small and What makes them work Biosphere Combination of all geological, physical and biological planetary processes which work together to sustain life. Ecosystem- A collection of different communities living together with the abiotic (Physical) conditions of their environment. Ecosystems can be as large or small as their definition, e.g. African savanna to a water filled knot hole in a tree. Ecology- The study of the interaction among organisms and their biological and physical environment. Organization of Ecological study Biosphere Ecosystem(Large and Small) Community Population Individual Characteristics of Ecosystems 1) Energy Sources- Autotrophs- photosynthetic plants that fix energy of sunlight and Heterotrophs those that cannot make energy, but derive energy from Autotrophs 2) Energy Flow Structure-a) Abiotic- non living component, physical characteristics, b)autotrophs, (producers), c)heterotrophs (consumers) d)decomposers (recyclers)
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