Merchant of Venice

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Shylock is a straight forward person. It is evident that he despises Christians and when Bassanio offers Shylock to eat with him Shylock replies that “but I will not eat with you, drink with you, nor pray with you”. Shylock’s language is also ambiguous, when he says that “Antonio is a good man”, he is actually referring to the fact that Antonio is “good” for the money which Bassanio wishes to borrow and Bassanio misinterpret this and agrees that Antonio is a “good” man. Shylock’s primary reason for hating Antonio is because Antonio is a Christian and this can be shown when he says “I hate him for he is a Christian”, and also he hates Antonio because he lends money without interest and this makes Shylock’s job difficult because he is a money lender and he earns money from the rates. There are other things that make Shylock hates Antonio, Antonio likes to mock him calling him a “misbeliever,
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Unformatted text preview: cut-throat dog// And spit upon my Jewish gabardine. Shylock is malign, he thinks that his Jewish religion is better than any other religions especially Christianity. He is also sadistic in a sense that he wants a pound of Antonios flesh if Antonio can not pay for the money he borrowed. He is also revengeful, just because he has been mistreated by Venices Christian, particularly Antonio, he is angry towards all Christians. Usury is the act of lending money in an exorbitant interest rate. In my opinion it can be considered a sin because sometimes the rate that we have to pay is higher than the amount that we borrowed. It is also because the lender is thriving on other peoples plight. And Shylock justifies his taking of interest as a way to live, without the money he gets from lending it to people, he will not be able to accommodate himself....
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