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MEMORANDUM TO: Brandi Quesenberry FROM: Myers Elliotte DATE: March 4 th , 2009 SUBJECT: Audience Analysis for informative report about Effects of not having a Salary Cap in MLB Does Major League Baseball really need to change how teams can run their business? It is a valid question these days with other professional leagues employing salary caps into their sport. The front office of Major League Baseball is certainly connected to Major League Baseball in a big way. They control who can play, mandatory drug tests for steroids, and why there is no salary cap. The front office fears that by mandating a salary cap it would change their sport drastically. Front office officials face losing money possibly if employing a salary cap and changing the infrastructure of their sport. The men and women working in the front office for Major League Baseball need money, they need their job in order to be stable. They need to be stress free and implementing a salary cap could disrupt their needs. The attitudes of the
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