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MEMORANDUM- group project

MEMORANDUM- group project - MEMORANDUM TO Brandi...

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MEMORANDUM TO: Brandi Quesenberry FROM: Myers Elliotte DATE: April, 14 th 2009 SUBJECT: Group Project Analysis Our group did a solid job in preparation and had a strong work ethic to do well on this project. We worked hard with the preparation and work before hand, the research and our presentation in class. My role in the group was the research director. I did attend all of the meetings; we met in the library once and at the Comm. Lab the day before our presentation. I helped the group in many ways with ideas on how to write our proposal, suggestions for our survey, where to find research, and preparation in Comm. Lab. I think the group thought I was reliable; I did everything I needed to do to help the group. I sent out emails on a timely manner and reminded people what they needed to do. I did what work was assigned to me and more. All of my contributions were in a timely manner, except I forgot to make the survey the first night after our first meeting but everything else I was on top of.
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