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1 Myers Elliotte 2-9-2009 Comm. 1016 Brandi Quesenberry Mountain of Strength This intense story comes from my girlfriend Jessica. She is a freshman at the University of North Carolina. I met her around the time this story occurred and remember how hard it was on me even though I had just met her. This story involves luck and perseverance, I know it was not easy for Jess to tell me this story and I admire her for doing that. The story starts off in the mountains of North Carolina. I will let Jessica take it from here. Jess says they were in the mountains of North Carolina, coming home from a trip to the Biltmore Mansion. Jess said that they were pretty high up in the Blue Ridge Parkway, probably around 3,000- 4,000 feet elevation. She said it was around dusk and the traffic was not too bad on the curvy mountain highway. Jess says her dad was holding her moms hand but her mom told him to drive with two hands because she felt uncomfortable. Jess said she did not think much about it at the time but was thankful for it later. Jess said that the speed limit dropped and there was a car behind them that was switching lanes and driving extremely wreckless. She said that her dad slowed down to 55 mph which is what the speed limit was. She then said the car was
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Narrative Essay - 1 Myers Elliotte Comm 1016 Brandi...

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