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Unformatted text preview: ALLOW GUNS IN RESTAURANTS, FOR A SAFER VIRGINIA; GENERAL ASSEMBLY BILL BYLINE: MICHAEL N. KIRKPATRICK SECTION: EDITORIAL; Pg. A15 LENGTH: 987 words SAM G. RILEY'S commentary ("Virginia is for lovers? Hooligans? Gunslingers?," Feb. 20) on the General Assembly's consideration of a bill that would have allowed licensed persons to bring handguns into bars or restaurants that serve alcohol was illogical and unfunny. His first absurd statement was that the mere fact that the assembly even considered the bill made Virginia look like a state of "less-than-civilized nut cases." He continued with another equally absurd statement that if Virginia became a state for "concealed- weapon gunslingers," we would look to the world like "a bunch of loonies." His use of the pejorative terms "nut cases," "gunslingers" and "loonies" to describe legally licensed and trained Virginia concealed-handgun permit holders illustrates his obvious bias against guns in general. Such language is often used by those who have no legitimate arguments and merely fall back on ridiculous statements meant to inflame and ridicule. Before Riley launched into his failed attempt at humor in presenting farcical scenarios in restaurants, he asks the question, "Why, even in these tense times, does anyone have a real need to enter a restaurant packing heat?" Well, he inadvertently answered his own question further in the article and illustrated how people of his ilk are such hypocrites. Further in his column, Riley admitted that he feels safer and more comfortable in a restaurant...
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