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Writing Wrongs It Was Supposed to Be 'Inspiration.' Turns Out, They Turned in My Work By Bess KargmanSunday, January 15, 2006; B01 College admissions officers around the country will be reading my application essays this month, essays in which I describe personal aspirations, academic goals -- even, in one case, a budding passion for the sitar. What they won't know is that I actually graduated from college more than a year ago, and that the names attached to these essays are those of my duplicitous clients. Until recently, I worked as a freelance editor for a college application consulting firm. A friend had told me that online essay editing provided her with a flexible schedule and decent earnings, so I thought I'd give it a shot. A quick Google search produced a lengthy list of potential employers. I chose one at random, e-mailed my résumé with a writing sample and was hired as a freelance editor the following day. Initially, the arrangement seemed ideal. The students who paid my employer $150 to $200 for my services mostly needed proofreading help. The ideas were theirs. Occasionally I would shift a few sentences to reshape a paragraph or introduction, and I would e-mail the essay back with comments and suggestions. I enjoyed working with these kids because it was evident how much they needed my help. Most spoke English as a second language or came from less advantaged communities, where experienced proofreading advice from a parent or friend was hard to come by. It was completely ethical; as one admissions officer later told me, everybody should have someone look at their essay before sending it off. Then my employer suggested that I could earn more money working as a "comprehensive"
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Writing_Wrongs - Writing Wrongs It Was Supposed to Be...

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