Notes 2-3 - Sociology 2-3 Analysis takes the form of...

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Sociology 2-3 Analysis- takes the form of running data through the computer, can buy software. -Assigning numbers to get responses. Ex. Put 1 if poor 3 if above average -Women score higher on Soc. IQ than Men -If a pattern is 5 out 100 then you can conclude there is a difference between what you are studying Summary/Conclusion- Does it match your hypothesis or analysis? Publication and Replication- doing science is a social enterprise Double Blind-Authors don’t know who the reviewers are and the reviewers don’t know who the authors are Culture- All learned customs, values, knowledge, artifacts, and symbols, communicated among people who share a common way of life. Beliefs- Shared explanation of experiences (past, present, future) Values- What society considers to be good/bad or describe/ Robin Williams- American Values Achievement, Equality, Material Comfort, Competition, Cooperation, Hard Work, Democracy Norms- Guidelines for action in specific circumstances Typology of norms Severity of Sanctions high or low? Degree of Formalization- is the specified or written down?
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Notes 2-3 - Sociology 2-3 Analysis takes the form of...

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