Notes 2-10 - -the office makes the man (r-p)-the right...

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Mead’s Contributions to Socialization Theory I= idiosyncratic, unique, creative Me= society internalized (Freud’s Superego) Equivalent of Mead’s me Stages in the Self’s Development Imitation (2-3 years) Play (3-5 years) one first sees one’s self as a “social object” Game (5 years- death) self as “social object” -know who you are, have a good sense of who you are Significant others- people whose evaluations are held in high esteem by a person Generalized others- ability to view the norms and values of society as a whole Personality- role Relationship
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Unformatted text preview: -the office makes the man (r-p)-the right person for the job (p-r)-What if: Personality and Role do not mesh Solutions Change personality Change role demands (Goffman) practice role distance Some key variations of socialization Desocialization (stripping) Resocialization (brainwashing) Anticipatory Socialization (looking ahead) 52 questions- 2 bonus questions/items First 32 questions will be from class lecture notes Other 20 come from the 4 chapters. 5 questions from each No dates Know the people...
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Notes 2-10 - -the office makes the man (r-p)-the right...

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