Notes 2-17 exam 2

Notes 2-17 exam 2 - Sociology Chapter 5 Interaction,...

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Sociology Chapter 5 Interaction, groups, and organizations Action Theorist- Social Order is negotiated Interactions: Social Structure- the orderly and patterned way in which people in a society interact Argue the social structure is imposed on the individual and has little ability to modify the structure Without social structure coordination would be impossible and improvisation meaningless Theoretical Structure vs. Action Structure- objective facts, place a person in the stratification of society, percentile Education, occupation, income Action- What a person’s perception is of what social class they are in? Perceptions have a dramatic way on how we act. Both techniques are worth while Structural important components Statuses- the positions we occupy with society Master statuses: sex, age, occupation “You are what you do.”- Snizek Radiologists have highest suicide rate Ascribed Statuses: age, sex, race, initial social class of family Have no control over Achieved Statuses: occupation, marital status, Dean’s List Secured through own effort
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Notes 2-17 exam 2 - Sociology Chapter 5 Interaction,...

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