Notes 2-19 - I n Group vs Out Group “Us” vs “Them”...

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Unformatted text preview: I n- Group vs. Out- Group “Us” vs. “Them” “We” vs. “They” Groups gain and maintain cohesion and morale through conflict with other groups Ex. U.S. – Soviet Relations- “The cold war” Racism as a strategy used by some employers to avoid unionism Membership Group vs. Reference Group Reference Groups Boy Scouts vs. Aryan Brotherhood Primary vs. Secondary Groups Small- Large Face-to face- indirect (MEMO) In timate- impersonal Enduring- short lived Family as the best example of a Primary Group Bureaucracy as the best example of a Secondary Group Over 90% of work is conducted in a bureaucratic form of organization You are what you. What do you do? I work for IBM Bureaucracy- a form or organization which seeks to maximize human and non human r esources in the achievement of some stated goal or end. Major Characteristics of Bureaucracy M y own research Division of Labor- negative + Savings in t raining, plus specialization, results in efficiency (speed and expertise) -neg. Boredom, fatigue, monotony, alienation Solution- Cross Training, Job Rotation H ierarchy of Authority- negative Impersonality- negative Writ ten Rules- 0 Hi r ing and Promotion on Tech Comp- positive JOB SATISFACTION ...
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Notes 2-19 - I n Group vs Out Group “Us” vs “Them”...

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