notes 3-24 exam 3

notes 3-24 exam 3 - Ch. 8 I nequalities of Race and...

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Ch. 8 Inequalities of Race and ethnicity Definition of minority group In group (dominant group) vs. out group (minority group) Forms of discrimination Theories of Prejudice and Discrimination Definition of Minority Group: Any group who because of physical or cultural characteristics is singled out for differential and unequal treatment, and who regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination and/or prejudice Physical= race, gender, age, handicap Cultural= college student, ethnicity Student athletes are discriminated Separate cannot be equal Prejudice= attitude Discrimination= behavior (segregation or expulsion) Prejudice without discrimination- to frightened or do not ever get an opportunity Discrimination without prejudice- don’t believe in discrimination but yet you practice it because of law Ex. Shop owner, who serves different races other than his own because of the area he lives in. He has to do it Institutional Discrimination- the systematic exclusion of people from equal access to,
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notes 3-24 exam 3 - Ch. 8 I nequalities of Race and...

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