Notes 4-9 exam 4

Notes 4-9 exam 4 - Chapter 10 Family Functions of the...

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Chapter 10- Family Functions of the Family Reproduction and regulation of sexual behavior Care and protection of the young Socialization Initial fixing of social status Provide love, affection, support Provide economic base for producing goods and services Monogamy- one husband one wife Serial monogamy- one person at a time but more than one time When your partner dies, you remarry Polygamy- more than one woman or more than one man Polyandry- one woman, two or more men Vary few countries that practice this Polygyny- two or more women, one man “Don’t ask, don’t tell”- in Utah 08/98 Outlawed by the Mormon Church in 1890 But today an estimated 40,000 people living in polygamous families (2% of state’s population). No felony prosecutions in over 50 years Nuclear Family (Industrialized/Urban) vs. Extended Family (Agricultural) Nuclear- family and kids, functional Extended- whole family tree, very functional in agricultural environments, everyone can help out Endogamy- marrying within a specific group ex. Mennonites, Quakers, arranged marriages
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Notes 4-9 exam 4 - Chapter 10 Family Functions of the...

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