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Notes 4-28 exam 4 - Chapter 15 Population Demography is the...

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Chapter 15 Population Demography is the study of population growth and decline and its causes Demographers are in high demand Population 1. Migration- movement of people from on area to another 2. Fertility-birth rate 3. Mortality- death rate Population --- society Society --- Population Society Values Beliefs Laws Attitudes 1A. Migration-> Society Migration: immigration, emigration Internal (domestic) vs. external (international) Internal External Immigration 1 2 Emigration 3 4 Cell 1: Internal Immigration and Emigration U.S. Population Change 2000-2008 (due to econ. Crisis and housing collapse)
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LA and N.D. lost Population Florida and Nevada grew but much slower (more left FL than entered) Utah was fastest growing state External Immigration slipped (10%) Internal Immigration and Emigration (cells 1 and 3) Cell 3 Northumberland and Lancaster Countries in Virginia over the next decade 38% in Northumberland are 55-64 32% in Lancaster County 11% of Virginia Population
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