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Ch 9 summary questions - blank f Programmer omits...

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Chapter 9 Summary/Review Questions 1. What is a variable? 2. How does a constant differ from a variable? 3. What naming convention is specific to constants? 4. How is a value assigned to a variable? 5. What does it mean to "initialize" a variable or constant? 6. What is an array? 7. What type of error (if any) occurs: a. Programmer misspells a programming keyword. b. Programmer misspells a variable name when declaring it. c. User enters time in as 8:00 a.m. and time out as 4:00 p.m. and the program calculates time worked as 4.0 hours. d. Program tried to select a cell whose contents is "March 2008" and no such value is found on the worksheet. e. No zip code is captured and stored because the user left the zip code field
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Unformatted text preview: blank. f. Programmer omits parentheses in a math calculation. g. Program tries to open a file named "Statement.xlsx" and the file does not exist. h. Program assigns a string value to a Boolean variable. i. What if the string value is "true" or "false"? 8. What data type should be used for the following data: a. Last name of a person b. Street address c. Zip code d. Quantity ordered e. Order date f. Sales tax g. Person’s age h. Cost i. A product identification number j. Is discount greater than zero? k. Should more product be ordered?...
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Ch 9 summary questions - blank f Programmer omits...

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