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Lec28_29_AnimalPestsA_05D - Insects as Pests of Domestic...

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Insects as Pests of Domestic Animals (Part A) How Insects Annoy Pets, Irritate Cattle, and Reduce Weight Gain in Pigs V Take Home Message Insects are important pests of wild and domesticated animals. These pests can transmit diseases, cause economic losses, or just be nuisances. Also very important in Global Issues National Geographic November, 1995 Elephant eye and tear- drinking moths V Arthropod Pests of Animals: Disease Transmitters Ceratopogonid Midges: Known to carry & transmit nematodes, viruses, and protozoans. Culicoides spp. carry Bluetongue disease virus to sheep. (Orbivirus sp.) Animals get blue tongue, sores in mouth, bleeding, sore hooves. A significant problem in sheep/deer: 15% mortality, interruption of breeding schedules, long convalescence, and wool loss. Originally from Africa, found in U.S. in 1950’s. Vaccines available yet need to be improved (live vs inactivated viruses).
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