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1 Insects in Ecology and Natural Resources 1 What is biodiversity, what does it have to do with insects and their relatives, and why should we care? V Take home messages: The concept of biodiversity is very broad and complex. Biodiversity is critical for the long-term success of humans on Earth. Insects are an indispensable component of biodiversity. Insects are not just important as pests of plants, animals, and humans or for pollinating major food crops. There are significant threats to insect biodiversity. Some attempts are being made to protect insect biodiversity. H Source for much of this information: V
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2 What is biodiversity? Most people think that biodiversity is just all of the different kinds of living things (the number of species) That’s why it’s called biological diversity, right? Wrong! H What is biodiversity? Variety of life and the natural processes of which living things are a part Variety of living organisms, the ways that life is organized and interacts on our planet, and the genetic differences among living organisms Variety of life forms, the ecological roles they perform, and the genetic diversity they contain Species diversity, ecosystem diversity, and genetic diversity So, biodiversity is not just the number of species living somewhere V What is an ecosystem? Basic functional unit in ecology Biological communities that interact with the physical and chemical environment as a unified system Interactions include flow of energy and cycle of nutrients
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Lec36_37_Ecol_atResour1_05D - Insects in Ecology and...

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