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ass 2 - prince could have some good traits but no human...

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Myers Elliotte 1/31/11 HUM 1224 1) According to Machiavelli, what qualities should a Prince possess in order to be successful? Given this description of the qualities that are necessary for success as a Prince, does Machiavelli rule out the possibility that a Prince could rule successfully by moral and honorable means? (Defend your answer.) A prince could generous or greedy, cruel or tender hearted, etc. Machiavelli says that good qualities would be best for a prince but they are impossible to attain because the human nature doesn’t allow it. In my opinion Machiavelli is saying that it is not possible to rule by moral or honorable means as a Prince. Humans make mistakes and people in power make mistakes. A
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Unformatted text preview: prince could have some good traits but no human bean is morally perfect, 2 Machiavelli poses in The Prince a problem that would become one of the most famous questions in the history of political theory: "Whether it is better to be loved than feared" if a Prince is to be successful. How does Machiavelli answer this question? How does Machiavelli justify his answer? Machiavelli says it is better to fear than to love. He says that love is held by an obligation while fear is held of on by the apprehension of punishment which never relaxes its grasps. Machiavelli explains this very well with this line. Fear for man is easier to do than love because nothing holds fear back....
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