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Myers Elliotte HUM 1224 1/24/2011 1) How would you describe Petrarch's attitude towards Cicero? (Give one example that illustrates Petrarch's attitude). What does Petrarch's attitude toward Cicero imply about the role of ancient Roman culture in Humanism? After reading Petrarch’s passages I would say the respect if the one word that describes his attitude toward Cicero. He says he is getting tired of copying everything down but he came upon a passage where Cicero explains that he has had to copy works of other writers as well. Petrarch also describes Cicero as one such man, one such voice, one such mind. This passage is very telling of how much respect he has for Cicero. His attitude toward Cicero is very telling about the role of ancient Roman culture, Petrarch embraces the ideas of the Roman culture and thus Roman culture has a big effect in Humanism
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Unformatted text preview: during this time. 2) Rather than hiring someone else to copy one of Cicero's books, Petrarch has undertaken this laborious task himself. What benefit(s) does Petrarch claim to have derived from the act of personally handcopying Cicero's book? By copying each individual book not only does Petrarch gain self satisfaction but he also is able to learn and understanding Cicero’s book better than if he had hired someone. In his letter to Lapo de Castiglionchio he states that there are very few who understand Cicero’s work and felt like he was doing a duty to society by copying Cicero’s work over. Even though he is short on money and time, he believes that this cause has great importance to not only him but the rest of his society....
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