Assignment 7 - lady Castiglione’s courtier is essentially...

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Myers Elliotte 2/14/2011 Hum 1224 Assignment #7 1. In what ways is according to Pico is man “a great miracle”? Pico describes man as intermediary between creatures. He describes man as being in between the Gods above and the Lords beneath him on earth. Pico talks about how man is an interpreter of nature and is set between the timeless unchanging fluxes of time. Basically Pico thinks man is a great miracle due to all of these things. I would have to agree with him because it is pretty amazing that man can exist with situations such as these. 2. Why does he call man “our chameleon”? Pico is saying that man can be whoever he wants. He can be good or bad. Man can be guilty of crimes or he could be a philosopher He can be an angel or desert the divine law and become and angel. Pico is right in the sense that man can change for any circumstance and that no man is exactly the same all the time. 3. What are the primary characteristics of Castiglione’s courtier and his court
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Unformatted text preview: lady? Castiglione’s courtier is essentially a man or war. He is well built, shapely limb, can handle every sort of weapon and can ride a horse. The characteristics of his court lady are very different. He scribes that she should have sweetness in her every movement. She should be able to entertain the courtier and cautious as well. 4. How do Castiglione’s views of the well-rounded individuals compare with your own? Obviously we live in another time now, so my views are nothing like this. While being in shape and well built is a characteristic I believe in none of the other characteristics would describe who I am today. I think most men would agree with me that being able to ride a horse is not necessary now. I find it very interesting how views of well- rounded individuals change over the course of time. Even sense I have been alive these views have changed....
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Assignment 7 - lady Castiglione’s courtier is essentially...

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