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assignment 12 - Montaigne think that Europeans can learn...

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Myers Elliotte Hum 1124 Assignment 12 1) Describe the attitude of Columbus towards the peoples of the Americas. In particular, does Columbus view the peoples of the Americas as equals to Europeans? Describe two examples from Columbus' journal to support your position. Columbus describes these people as very poor and they walked around naked. Some of them had paint on their faces and others didn’t. He calls them ignorant when they tried to grab the blade of the swords of different men. He doesn’t view the Americans as equal to Europeans, in one passage he says that they would be good servants and could learn quickly. In another passage he calls them lost and practiced idolatry. Overall Columbus wasn’t mean to the Americans but he saw them as inferior people. He had nice things to say about them even though he didn’t see them as equal. He said they had very nice cotton and were nice for the most part. 2) How does Montaigne describe the alleged cannibals of the Americas? What does
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Unformatted text preview: Montaigne think that Europeans can learn about themselves by examining the cannibals' way of life? Does Columbus share with Montaigne this sense that Europeans have something important to learn about themselves from their encounter with the peoples of the Americas? What is mainly of interest about the peoples of the Americas to Columbus? Montaigne says he had wished he had met these people earlier because they are very smart. He says that they can learn a lot from these people. That they had great architecture, cotton beds, and wood so hard that they could cut with it. Columbus does not necessarily think Europeans can learn a lot from the Americans, he thinks they are very simple minded and not nearly technologically advanced as the Europeans are. Columbus is interested in their religion and some of the things they make but mainly converting them to be servants and teaching them the ideals of Christianity....
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assignment 12 - Montaigne think that Europeans can learn...

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