assignment- John Knox

assignment- John Knox - In 1 st Corinthians 11:8-10 Paul...

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Myers Elliotte Hum 1224 4/20/2011 1. According to John Knox (the author of this document), why are women unfit to exercise  power over men?  According to Knox, women are not strong enough physically and emotionally to exercise  power over men. He talks about the how they are weak and not strong enough to govern  people that are foolish, mad and frantic. They do not have enough authority in themselves to  hold power over men because they are feeble and impatient. Overall women just aren’t good  enough to hold power over men according to Knox that is how God made it to be. 2.  Describe two specific Biblical injunctions that Knox cites in favor of his contention that  women are unfit to exercise power over men.
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Unformatted text preview: In 1 st Corinthians 11:8-10 Paul describes women as part of man. Women were created for men not the other way around. Women even in the greatest perfection are not superior over man. He compares women and men to angels and God saying that even as angels are not superior over God. In Genesis 3:16 it describes how men shall be in dominion over women and that women will be in bondage to man. Since Eve deceived Adam it says that women will not be in control of their own appetites, will or desires but instead will be subject to the desires of man. Man will be the governor of the woman’s body as well as their appetites and will....
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assignment- John Knox - In 1 st Corinthians 11:8-10 Paul...

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