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Myers Elliotte 4/10/2011 Marketing Channels and Logistics Group 8 Conflict is started when Veronica is pushed into the bear pit and then Ron Burgundy jumps in to start talking to her. Then all of the Channel 4 news team comes and jumps and creates even more conflict between the two parties by starting the bear fight. The mediation starts when Baxter who is the dog jumps into the pit with the bears and all of Channel 4 news team. The whole scene is about how to handle the mediation of conflict. He starts barking at the bear and the bear starts growling at him as they discuss how they are going to handle the conflict. Initially the bear says that because Channel 4 came down
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Unformatted text preview: into the bear pit that they must pay a price. Baxter tells the bear he is friends with his cousin and the bear tells him to go in peace. The bears go back to sleep and the Channel 4 news team climbs out of the bear pit. Baxter persuaded was able to persuade the bear and it ended up being a win-win situation for both the bears and Channel 4 news team. It ended successfully like most mediation cases and both groups saved face and were both able to leave the situation without appearing weak to each other....
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