Paper 1 - Myers Elliotte Hum 1224 How did the political...

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Myers Elliotte 3/16/2011 Hum 1224 How did the political ideology of republicanism promote the development and the acceptance of humanism in northern Italy during the late 14 th and early 15 th centuries? Before humanistic views existed the constant conflict between France and England eventually led to the gap between feudalism and a modern democracy. The political structure during the 1300’s had no sign of republicanism but instead Monarchy was very popular. Social classes were not well difined and there was no mobility at all. With the rapid growth of new ideas spinning around northern Italy during the late 14 th and 15 th century, Republicanism along with Humanism began to develop in Northern Italy during this time period. Humanism was a cultural and intellectual movement where individuals redicovered literature, art, and civilization of ancient Greece and Rome. Socially people grew individually through the learning and rediscovery of Humanism and began expressing their sense of civic pride. Republicanism was a limited democracy that was ran by merchant elites in various city states. People during this time
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were tired of monarchs who controlled land and wanted political equality which Republanism brought them.Though not widely accepted by every city state, more and more city states in Italy were becoming republics. Many of the merchant elite who gained their wealth through commercial venues and shipping businesses started to adopt the humanistic philosophies at this time and many were getting humanistic educations. Republicanism fit the lifestyles of the merchant elite at this time specifically in Florence and Venice. Families such as the Medici’s who were very popular in Florence for many years and were very popular with the citizens, they brought properity and stability to Florence under Republicanism. Many factors affected how republicanism developed the acceptance of humanism but not all are obvious. The Scholastic Education during this time plays a big role in Humanism and the how these ideas instill Republicanism into the city states, the challenging of the Scholastic Education by Humanists brings new ideas, Republicanism fits the ideals of the merchant elite the concept of virtu` by Alberti gives man hope to be his own and ability to help others, Republicanism suited the
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Paper 1 - Myers Elliotte Hum 1224 How did the political...

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