paper 2 - Myers Elliotte Hum 1224 4/7/2011 For this...

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Myers Elliotte Hum 1224 4/7/2011 For this analysis paper, you will explore the “irony” of the Renaissance. Specifically, choose two areas of Renaissance culture that we have examined so far (art, religion, geography, medicine, alchemy, or natural philosophy). Then use specific examples of achievements in these areas to address the following problem: How did efforts to revive ancient culture (Greek, Roman, or Biblical) inadvertently stimulate the development of new ideas, perspectives, or discoveries during the Renaissance? Many new ideas were explored during the age of the Renaissance. A lot of men addressed key concerns that the time period was concerned with. Martin Luther starting the Protestant Reformation brought all new ideas, perspectives and discoveries towards the Christian religion which at the time was dominated by Catholicism. John Calvin also was a key figure in religion at this time as well and his ideals spread quickly with Renaissance thinkers. Artists such as Brunelleschi, Alberti, Botticelli, de Vinci, and Michelangelo paved the way for new ideas with art as well on how art was perceived. They discovered new ways to transform pictures into what had never been seen before. With more people reading books, religion was brought to the forefront of change with new ideas such as salvation becoming popular as well as baptism and other ideas such as linear perspective, proportion, and mannerism dealing with art. Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church because he started to read the Bible; before this people took what the Catholic Church said for granted and went along with it. The only people who had access to the Bible at this time were church officials mainly and only a few other
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paper 2 - Myers Elliotte Hum 1224 4/7/2011 For this...

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