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HUM1224 Analysis Paper #1 Working Draft Instructions For you, the working draft of analysis paper #1 has two purposes: first, it is intended to give you an opportunity to explore some of the ideas and events that we have covered in the course; second, it will allow you to generate the raw materials for the revision process that we will discuss in the coming weeks. Additionally, Analysis Paper #1 will provide me with valuable feedback on your writing skills. Accordingly, you should make your best effort on the working draft so that the assignment will accurately reflect your skill level. The Assignment : So far, we have examined 2 key developments of the Renaissance: the emergence of humanism and the appearance of republican political ideology. For this assignment, you will begin to explore the relationships between these two developments. In particular, address the following problem: How did the political ideology of republicanism promote the development and the acceptance of humanism in northern Italy during the late 14
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