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Myers Elliotte 4/11/11 Hum 1224 Who, in particular, are witches? What sorts of supernatural powers do witches seem to possess? For what purposes do they use their supernatural powers? What role does the devil play in these folk tales? Witches could be anyone, some are old and fit the distinction of many as ‘witches’ but some were young and some were wives. Witches had all kinds of powers; they could turn people into different objects such as a donkey or a piece of fire wood. Some could fly and others could disappear. Their supernatural powers were meant for whatever they wanted; if someone did
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Unformatted text preview: something wrong they could use them or even if someone didnt do anything wrong they would use them. For instance the girl in Frau Trude did nothing wrong but was still turned into a piece of wood and the husband in the trip to Brocken was turned into a donkey because he drank out of a cup that he shouldnt have. The devil seems to play the role of a mentor in these folk tales, the witches get their power from him and carry out tasks that seem fit to be of the devil....
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