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witch assignment 2

witch assignment 2 - witchcraft How was torture to be used...

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Myers Elliotte 4/18/11 Hum 1224 1) What action did the Papal Bull  Summis desiderantes  authorize? From the point of view of  those individuals or groups that would like to see witchcraft punished, what could be the  significance of the Papal Bull  Summis desiderantes ?   It authorized for inquisitors to do what they felt was right to the people who did not accept the  salvation of the Catholic Church. Whether they corrected, imprisoned, or punished the people that did  not obey, the inquisitors could do as they felt was necessary. People that did not like witchcraft were  very happy because witches were not religious and they could fall of the punishment of the inquisitors  at any time if they were caught.  2) What methods were recommended to the authorities who were seeking to uncover evidence of 
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Unformatted text preview: witchcraft? How was torture to be used to uncover evidence of witchcraft? They were told to look to suspicious violence mainly, things that were out of place or did not make any sense to most people. First when the tortured the prisoner they would take their clothes off then they would give them the chance to freely tell the truth. If they did not tell the truth then the first set of torture was taken against them. For every time they did not tell the truth the torture was made worse. If a charge against them was really bad and they would not tell the truth then the torture would be worse and vice-versa....
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