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Assignment 2- BP and the EU

Assignment 2- BP and the EU - such as advisor on energy and...

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Myers Elliotte 3/20/2011 http://www.corporateeurope.org/climate-and-energy/news/2009/02/02/bp-accused-steering-eu-energy- policy Oil lobbying is huge with the European Union and many are undermining the efforts the EU is making towards climate change. BP centered itself very highly with EU officials and persuaded many to be in cohorts with them and share the same “agenda”. BP has been praised by the EU for their venture in Russia, but the EU is becoming more and more dependent on gas for Russia. Many researchers have suggested that the EU should have focused on energy conservation than BP’s money driven goal. Some critics of BP have said that EU officials think what is best for BP is what is best for the European Union; this has brought many un-happy people up against BP. Many BP executives gained key roles on the European Union’s groups
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Unformatted text preview: such as advisor on energy and climate change as well as Competiveness, Energy and the Environment. Bp has also funded lobbyists throughout the Union and is estimated to have spent between 200,000- 250,000 Euros. Many say this estimate is way lower than what it really is, and many say BP has downplayed their lobbying expenses. In comparison with Exxon-Mobil and Microsoft, BP hasn’t spent hardly anything on lobbying and people are wondering why they have so much influence on the European Union’s energy policy. Many are claiming that the EU needs to step up and stop sharing agendas with these big businesses as well as changing their lobbying rules so the citizens know how much money these companies are spending....
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