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Mexico and Cuba paper

Mexico and Cuba paper - Cuba is not included in the...

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Cuba is not included in the Hofstede Cultural Dimensions website but Mexico is. Mexico’s highest score was in uncertainty avoidance which they scored an 82. This shows that they have a low level of tolerance for uncertainty. Mexico has implemented strict laws and policies to control and reduce uncertainty in their country. As for the other dimensions Mexico has a very low Individualism ranking which indicates they are more committed to groups rather than a single person or themselves. As for the Masculinity and Power Distance dimensions, Mexico scored high in these categories. The high masculinity ranking indicates a high degree of gender differentiation. Mexico ranked high in Power Distance dimension as well which indicates a high level of inequality of wealth and power which is accepted by their culture. http://www.geert-hofstede.com/hofstede_mexico.shtml Mexico and Cuba are both predominantly Roman Catholic, with 89% of Mexico and 70% of Cuba reporting to practice Roman Catholicism. Mexico does not have an official religion but the government does financially help the church. The church is involved with public education, Christmas is a national holiday and most all of the schools get off for Christmas and Easter. As for Cuba for the longest time the national religion was Atheism. Until 1992 religion was looked down upon in Cuba, and even today there is not total freedom of religion. Religion for both of these countries isn’t part of everyday, there are many religious people but it doesn’t affect how they live. For the Mexican culture religion doesn’t affect many people’s life. Priests are not allowed to be part of the Mexican government but other than that the normal citizen’s life is not affected much at all. As for the economy, the
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