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PEER GROUP EVALUATION FORM MKTG 4704 Your Name : Myers Elliotte Section MW 2:30-3:45 Team # 1 Please take a few minutes to provide the information below. You can turn this peer evaluation in class, email it to me or put it in a sealed envelope in my mailbox in the marketing department office. The deadline is May 2 nd . I will not share the review you send me with any other member of your team. Names of your group members, please include yourself. (The letter corresponds to the student's name.) a. Marcus Marlin___________________________________________________ b. Joe Lee_________________________________________________________________ c. Andrew Moore___________________________________________________ d. Myers Elliotte_____________________________________________________ e._________________________________________________________________ Please provide a qualitative assessment of each group member's performance on the group project. For this section, please describe in detail what each member contributed. Be sure to
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This note was uploaded on 08/15/2011 for the course MKTG 4704 taught by Professor Ince during the Spring '10 term at Virginia Tech.

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Peer+evaluation+form+MKTG+4704 - PEER GROUP EVALUATION FORM...

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