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Unformatted text preview: DAILY PRODUCTION REPORT 1st Unit 2nd Unit Rehearsal Tests Travel Holidays Pick-Ups. Total No. Days Sched Schedule Ahead No. Days Actual Behind Title Producer Date Started Sets Location Crew Call Shooting Call 1st Shot After Lunch 2nd Meal Location to Prod. Office Round Trip Mileage SCRIPT SCENES AND PAGES SCENES PAGES             Script             Taken Prev.             Taken Today             Taken to Date             To Be Taken             Scenes on call sheet:       Prod. # 001 Director Date Scheduled Finish Date Est. Finish Date First Shot Til MINUTES Prev.       Today       Total       Scene No.             Added Scenes       Lunch Camera Wrap SETUPS                   Prev. Today Total Til Last Person Out ADDED SCENES Prev.             Today       Total Sound Takes       P2 DOWNLOADS TODAY:       DIGITAL STORAGE (GB)       Starting Available Downloaded Today Previously Downloaded Total Downloaded Remaining available Scenes shot today:       Scenes to be re-scheduled:                         CAST - WEEKLY & DAY PLAYERS OUT IN ARRIVE AT HDQ. TRAVEL TIME LEAVE LOCA-TION MEALS ARRIVE ON LOC. WORKTIME LEAVE FOR LOC. F DISMISS ON SET H S REPORT ON SET W WDBE. MAKEUP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Worked – W Started – S Travel - TR Rehearsal - R Hold - H CAST Finished - F Test - T R T       CHARACTER                                                                               XX = N.D. BREAKFAST X = NOT PHOTOGRAPHED TR STUNT ADJ. * = DISMISS TIME INCLUDES 15 MIN. MAKEUP / WARD. REMOVAL S = SCHOOL ONLY EXTRA TALENT Set Dismiss No.                 Rate                         1st Call                         Assistant Director                         Final Dismiss                         Adj.                         MPV                         No.                 Rate                         1st Call                         Set Dismiss                         Final Dismiss                         Adj.                         MPV                         Production Manager Producer ___________________________________________________________ Director _____________________________________________________ UCF Film May 2009 SHOW       STAFF & CREW                                                                                                          Production Director Producer Unit Production Manager Production Coordinator 1st Assistant Director 2nd Assistant Director Production Assistant Production Assistant Production Assistant Production Assistant Production Assistant Script Supervisor Locations Location Manager Camera Director of Photography 1st Assistant Camera 2nd Assistant Camera Art Production Designer Art Director Prop Master Set Dresser IN/OUT PROD#       STAFF & CREW IN/OUT Electric Gaffer Electrician Grip Key Grip Alternate Key Grip Best Boy Grip Company Grip Sound Mixer Boom Op Makeup/Wardrobe Key Makeup Artist Key Wardrobe Supervisor Catering/Craft Service Craft Service Lunch Wrangler MEALS: B-fast served Lunch served at:_________ For:                  For:                                                                                                           COMMENTS—DELAYS (EXPLANATIONS)—CAST, STAFF, AND CREW ABSENCE UCF Film May 2009 DATE       EQUIPMENT Cameras people people ...
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