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Location agreement form - All contracts and agreements are...

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“All contracts and agreements are suggested boiler plates. They should notbe determined to be legal and binding without consulting an attorney for an opinion.” LOCATION AGREEMENT (LONG FORM) This Agreement is made between _______________________ (“Producer”) and (“Owner”) as of , 20___ in connection with a short form motion picture currently entitled “_______________________” (the “Picture”). 1. PERMISSION Owner hereby irrevocably grants to Producer (and its successors, assigns, licensees, employees, agents, independent contractors and suppliers, all of whom are included in the term “Producer” for purposes of entry upon and use of the Property) permission to enter upon, photograph, record and use the Property (either accurately, simulated, in combination with other sets and/or locations and/or otherwise) for the periods set forth in Paragraph 4 below, and to bring all necessary personnel, equipment and temporary sets onto the Property, for the purpose of making still and motion pictures and sound recordings of, on and/or about the property. 2. PROPERTY Property means that certain real property located at and described as follows: (including, without limitation, all interior and exterior areas of the Property, certain personal property (furniture and fixtures, as agreed upon by Producer and Owner) located in, on and/or about the Property, and Owner’s name, address, logo, trademark, slogan, or any other identification, as depicted in, on, and/or about the Property). Producer shall have the right visually and/or in dialogue, to attribute fictional events and/or characters to the Property and/or to change and/or fictionalize the name, address and/or identification of the Property as Producer shall determine in its sole discretion. 3. SCOPE OF USE Producer shall have the right to use the electricity, gas, water and other utilities on the Property at Producer’s expense. Producer shall have the right during periods set forth in Paragraph 4, below to use any or all of the Property as follows: The Producer is entitled to full access to the Property on the below dates, provided that the Owner shall not be prevented from reasonable access to and use of the balance
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of the building. The Owner shall use reasonable efforts to refrain from using the Property in a manner which materially and adversely affects the Producer’s use of the Property in accordance with the terms hereof.
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