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University of Central Florida Film Department 4000 Central Florida Blvd. Communications Building · Room 121 Orlando, FL 32816-3120 (407) 823-4285 • [email protected] PRE PRODUCTION CHECKLIST Office Set-up    Organize the filing system; create files for each item. You can do some in advance; others are best created as you need them so you don’t have a lot of unused empty files. Keep it in a file box with a lid that can be locked or at least closed securely and that can travel with you in a car. Purchase or borrow a computer; install software programs – Quicken, Excel, Word, (or equivalents) and EP Budgeting and Scenechronize Set up check request and petty cash request systems. Organize your personal production binder with labeled dividers. Prepare and gather production forms (SAG forms, contracts, stationery, fax sheets, check requests, petty cash envelopes, pc chits, etc). Make sure all paperwork includes the production logo. Create a production calendar and update it with important dates, pickups, and returns. Include weekly goals, such as crew hires. Coordinate the transportation of actors who must be brought to the set. Schedule the screening of dailies. Schedule and coordinate prelight/prerig days. Organize and plan any company move days. Compile a list of days on which a second unit crew will be used. Organize equipment pickup and return lists; notify those who are responsible for pickups and returns and review list. Update and distribute script changes (colored pages).
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Arrange for an editing facility and equipment; discuss needs with the editor. Compile a post-production or timeline of screenings, picture lock dates, mix dates, ADR recording, titles, music meetings, festival deadlines, and so on. Compile crew, cast, and vendor packs. Compile production expendables list; place orders with vendors. (Include expendables for camera, grip and electric, makeup, prop/art department needs, wardrobe, craft service and catering.) Check in with the director regarding schedule and equipment needs. Check in with each department head regarding schedule and budget. Remember to eat and sleep. Thank the crew. File the necessary paperwork to incorporate the production company. Set an accountant. Engage a lawyer. Set up a bank account; order checks, set up a computerized accounting system/check register (Quicken). Secure production insurance and certificates. Fill out and file SAG paperwork. Engage a payroll company. Arrange to always have petty cash on hand. Set up vendor accounts (as department heads are set.) Start a list of deposits paid that you’ll need to recover from vendors. Make product placement inquiries and prepare letters.
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PRE PRO CHECKLIST - University of Central Florida Film...

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