Notes of Director M. Antonioni

Notes of Director M. Antonioni - 1. Raised in Ferrara,...

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1. Raised in Ferrara, Italy, Antonioni was surrounded by a middle-class environment. 2. As a child, he held interests in puppetry and painting, as well as painting landscapes and constructing small cardboard towns. By the age of fourteen he had continued to paint, yet now with oils, creating portraits and representations of architecture. 3. At 10 years of age, he had spent much of his time designing puppet and stick figures. 4. “I know the bourgeois class better. I grew up with that background, as a tennis champion, [but] the aristocrats or the bourgeois are sliding into nothingness. They’re disappearing slowly.” From 1931-1935, he studied at the University of Bologna in economics while becoming involved in student theatre. 5. Following Bologna, he transferred to a technical institute enrolling in business and economics courses. 6. As a graduate, he turned his attention once again to the theatre, writing several plays, and forming a small student company. 7. At this time, he was publishing short stories in a local newspaper (“IL Corriere Padano”). 8. At this time, he was unemployed, and for financial means, he took up a job at the World’s Fair for several months. 9. In 1940, following the publication of his short stories, he also wrote film criticism in the magazine Cinema , the official fascist film magazine edited by Vittorio Mussolini (son of Dictator Benito Mussolini). Many viewed his criticism as severe and faced much difficulty with the editor of the publication and subsequently fired within a few months. 10. By attacking these particular films, Antonioni was attacking “the fascist regime that produced them…and as a result his articles were cut.” 11. For Several months, Antonioni resided in Rome, unemployed, suffering from
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Notes of Director M. Antonioni - 1. Raised in Ferrara,...

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