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Scene Breakdown Notes 7.1.10 1. Always round up (i.e. 2.5 = 3/8ths of a page). 2. The rule of the rule of thumb is that 1” = 1/8 th of a page 3. On average, 2-4 pages are shot per day. 4. For an item to be considered a prop, it must be used, touched or handled in some way by an actor. If not, it is simply considered a set piece. 5. ALL stunt actors are SAG members, and also receive a premium in addition to their regular salary, due to the high level of risk involved in stunt acting. 6. There is usually a lot of communication between the prop. Dept and the
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Unformatted text preview: Costume Dept because these elements are often discretionary and often overlap departmental classification. 7. Disputes between Director and other crew member(s) is often mediated and resolved by the Production Manager. 8. Within each dept. there are spets (i.e. Make-up artist that is an expert with fake blood). 9. ADR: Audio Dialogue Replacement 10. Tech. Scouting is completed 1 week prior to principal photography. 11....
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