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French 101 Impertif!

French 101 Impertif! - o qu’est-ce que marie aime o...

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French 101: Impertif! The imperative is used to give commands Use ‘nous’ or ‘s’il vous plait’ to soften command o Dinons au restaurant! o Ne chantez pas, s’il vous plait! Tu = Mange au restaurant! Nous = Mangeons au restaurant! Vous = Mangez au restaurant! Les pronoms interrogatifsu interrogative pronoun “qu’ est-ce que” (what?) refers to things and is followed by a subject or pronoun
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Unformatted text preview: o qu’est-ce que marie aime? o Qu’est-ce qu’elle regarde? • Interrogative pronoun ‘qui est-ce qu(e)” (who/whom) refers to people is followed by a subject noun or pronoun o Qui est-ce que Marie ecoute? • “Qui” can also be followed by any –er verbs to ask who does or is doing something • Questions beginning with ‘est-ce que’ have yes or no...
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