Notes on War and Peace

Notes on War and Peace - 1 Julianna Ritter Nikolais...

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1 Julianna Ritter Nikolai’s Retelling of the Battle of Shongraben Rostov takes to the idea of Boris’s interest in battle wound o Rostov’s idealistic idea of himself in battle – “He told them about his Shongraben action in just the way that those who take part in battles usually tell about them, that is, in the way they would like it to have been, the way they have heard others tell it, the way it could be told more beautifully…” (page 242). o Even riding up to the camp to visit Boris, Rostov romanticizes the way in which the soldiers will be impressed by his war-seasoned outfit Tolstoy defends Rostov’s character as a “truthful young man” o Perhaps emphasizing Rostov’s genuine nature and / or naïve position of being a young aristocratic man caught in the middle of a serious and life-threatening war o Creates multiple layers of contrast: Rostov’s re-telling of the battle vs. the reality and severity of war: Truth vs. untruth Pre-meditated expectations (“…listeners, who, like himself, had already heard accounts of attacks…and had formed for themselves a definite
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Notes on War and Peace - 1 Julianna Ritter Nikolais...

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