The Main Aspects of Synagogues in Antiquity

The Main Aspects of Synagogues in Antiquity - temples ....

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Julianna Ritter September 16, 2010 The Main Aspects of Synagogues in Antiquity The importance of synagogues in Jewish culture and history reflects generously on the importance of Jewish art as well as religion. The discovery of the images and art found in these sacred places not only allow us to gain a keener insight to Jewish history but serve as a greater sense of identity and purpose for the Jewish community. The art surrounding the Torah Shrine in the Dura Europos synagogue is considered one of the most important surviving historical pieces of information from the aspects of Judaism in antiquity. Historically, the temple proves the importance of the Roman Empire in Jewish culture. The temple itself is the House of God and the Jewish life is concentrated inside the synagogue, however the art represented in the temple shows the powerful influence of Roman and Greek art. Additional Greek authorities that is in ancient Jewish art is found in the interior design of the
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Unformatted text preview: temples . Many ancient synagogues were built with a basilica floor plan and the magnificence remains in the interior mosaic design. Zodiac symbols became a common series of images expressed in the mosaics found in the sacred realms of Jewish Religion. The emphasis is recognized even in Jerusalems reconstruction under Herods rule: the architecture of the walls, facades, and columns (including Corinthian capitals). It is interesting to see the great stress the Roman and Greek empires had in the early formations of Jewish art, especially when a large aspect of Greek art is considered pagan-like. When the iconoclasm begins and as the religion of Christianity as well as Judaism develops, there seems to be a theme of disappearing pagan elements in the art. At what point did the pagan influence of Greek Art completely diminish from the Jewish culture (and was the rising religion and power of Christianity an influence on this disappearance)?...
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The Main Aspects of Synagogues in Antiquity - temples ....

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