Jewish Culture in relation to the Art of Hostile Narratives

Jewish Culture in relation to the Art of Hostile Narratives...

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Julianna Ritter September 27, 2010 Jewish Culture in relation to the Art of Hostile Narratives Throughout the ages there has been a significant trace of Christianity and Jewish relations and their relationship to each other in regards to the religion, culture, lifestyle, (even) disagreements, and art aspects. However the key to their relationship lies in the elements that make each religion different from one another. One of the elements that differ in religious narratives is the property of the Eucharist. While in early Christian texts the Eucharist represents Jesus Christ in its fragile frame, the foundation of the Eucharist played a significantly different role in medieval ‘Jewish’ narratives: as a symbol that often ended violently in converting Jews to Christian belief. Soon after these narratives were produced, there was belief Jews began to disregard and go as far to refuse the Eucharist and its meaning. This kind of belief in Christians and other people began a snow-ball effect in the medieval times and adversity stirred against the Jewish community. The Eucharist is
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Unformatted text preview: a powerful element in the dogma of Christianity and to reject its purpose or to desecrate its role created anti-Semitic feelings (even if the desecration were rumors started by the same group of people hostile towards the Jewish religion). Contemporary viewers of these older texts should keep in mind that these host-desecration stories were deliberate in their narration attempts. Comment: I knew of these narratives before reading this article but it is still mind-blowing that their effect would be so viral. I cant believe the masses that decided to choose these anti-Semitic feelings prospered so rapidly through narrative texts I think there is an importance of the art of words and literature (and its power) in the Jewish history. Question: Would these kind of narrative texts against a particular religion be as effective today and do these (now historical) texts serve as a good enough reminder of the horrors and ignorance of a anti-Semitic value system?...
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Jewish Culture in relation to the Art of Hostile Narratives...

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