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IE test 2 cheet sheet

IE test 2 cheet sheet - on name e ration keyword or T = T...

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Private Sub Button1_Click( ByVal sender As Object , e As System. EventArgs ) Handles Button1.Click Dim firstname As String = "" Dim lastname As String = "" Dim salary, newsalary As Double inputdata(firstname, lastname, salary) newsalary = raisedsalary(salary) displayoutput(firstname, lastname, newsalary) End Sub Sub inputdata( ByRef firstname As String , ByRef lastname As String , ByRef salary As Double ) firstname = TextBox1.Text lastname = TextBox2.Text salary = CDbl (TextBox3.Text) End Sub Function raisedsalary( ByVal salary As Double ) As Double If salary <= 40000 Then Return 1.05 * salary Else Return salary + 2000 + 0.02 * (salary - 40000) End If End Function Sub displayoutput( ByVal firstname As String , ByVal lastname As String , ByVal newsalary As Double ) TextBox4.Text = "new salary for " & firstname & " " & lastname & " is " & FormatCurrency(newsalary) & End Sub End Class or T = T or F = T or T = T or F = F Not(T)= F Not(F)= T hen maxVal=x(i) n minVal=x(i) eger, byval B as single) as Single oes INTO function but not back out. oes INTO and OUT OF function. on name aration keyword eter a type of parmeter a type of value returned ge.txt" ) ege
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