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A midsummer afternoons nightmare

A midsummer afternoons nightmare - Hampel 1 Morgan Hampel...

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Hampel 1 Morgan Hampel Brenna Dixon English 150, Section HE A MID-SUMMER AFTERNOON’S NIGHTMARE In the summer going into fifth grade, a routine amongst a great group of friends had started: wake up, eat breakfast, hang out with the family, eat lunch and meet up with the guys to prove to one another why each one of us was the next Michael Jordan or Babe Ruth though basketball and baseball games. The games either took place at Jeff’s, Andy’s, Dan’s, Cj’s or my house because all of us lived within a four block radius. Jeff’s house was the most popular of the bunch because it was the biggest, which meant more room for sports. For wiffle ball, the spot of dead grass in front of the swing set was home plate, the hot tub was first base, basketball hoop was second base and the dog house titled “chipper” in black letters was third. His basketball court was made up of blue plastic tiles with white lines. We would often imagine that we were playing at Madison Square Garden and that the dozens of tall pine trees on the far side were our fans. My paradise was just two blocks away from home. It was a regular summer afternoon and all the guys were in Jeff’s backyard for some three on three half-court basketball. Amongst the buzzer beaters, made baskets, missed baskets and childish comments, we would always stop to bicker and make fun of one another. For instance, Dan, the shortest one of the bunch, was the kid who we would make fun of for being vertically challenged and for having an overly caring mother. We’d always call him a “momma’s boy” for having to give his mom an “oh so embarrassing” kiss when she dropped him off. Also, before he
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Hampel 2 could leave, Dan would have to take with him a brown paper bag labeled “Daniel,” in permanent marker.
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A midsummer afternoons nightmare - Hampel 1 Morgan Hampel...

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