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Cover Description - eager to read Also the main character...

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Morgan Hampel Brenna Dixon Section HE Cover Description This here is the cover of one of Dr. Seuss’ most famous children’s books. The cover of The Cat in the Hat must have played a big part of its success. The friendly cover must have appealed to beginning readers for many reasons. One of which, the stamp below the title gives young readers a feeling of confidence and their parents a feeling of comfort. I remember being in elementary school and that stamp gave me feeling that I could read that book on my own which in the end would make me more
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Unformatted text preview: eager to read. Also, the main character of the book is on the cover so the reader knows that the story is about a friendly cat. If the reader is a cat person this is just another reason to purchase the book. Lastly, Dr. Seuss, the author has his name in a large print towards the bottom. Since Dr. Seuss was a world renown children’s author, the customer most likely has an idea of the quality of the books contents just by looking at the cover....
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