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Hampel 1 Morgan Hampel Brenna Dixon English 150, Section HE 27 September 2010 Hybrid Cars Hybrid cars and Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV’s) offer many unique features that make them appealing to various types of consumers. Many of the top automobile companies around the world are taking notice to this, and are now making more and more of their models into hybrids or PHEV’s. Times are changing and along with it, the car industry. This revolution could have a massive impact on local economies, the atmosphere and the quality of the air we breathe. Hybrid cars are very complex machines. The main difference that sets them apart from regular cars is it’s make-up of the engine. Regular cars only have one engine, whereas hybrid cars have one regular gas engine and one battery engine. While driving with the gasoline engine, the battery engine remains idle and actually recharges whenever the vehicle slows down or brakes (German 23). Whereas when you’re driving with the battery engine, no gasoline is being used (PhysOrg). Also, hybrid cars and
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Hampel 2 PHEV’s usually have different kinds of batteries than gasoline cars. Nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries are commonly found in Hybrid and PHEV’s (German 64). The difference between hybrid’s and PHEV’s is that PHEV’s are entirely electric. The entire engine is battery powered and to “refuel”, all you have to do is plug your car into a specialized outlet. Electric vehicles aren’t just for everybody. Hybrids have been known to have little inconveniences which may be turn offs too many kinds of customers. Due to the fact that Hybrids have two engines, more space gets taken up. The electric engine and battery is often located between the two rear tires (Fuhs 41). This leads to approximately three to five feet less
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Hybrid CARS - Hampel 1 Morgan Hampel Brenna Dixon English...

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