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SECOND REFLECTION PAPER - interests There are a couple kids...

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Morgan Hampel SECOND REFLECTION PAPER At the beginning of the school year my main goal was to get a 3.2 GPA or higher. As of right now the only midterm I received was an A- which was in Calculus 1 which was pretty exciting. If I keep up the good work I’ll easily make my goal of a 3.2. The key to success in problem solving class is going to SI sessions and getting a tutor. Having a non-professor teach you the material really helps switch up the routine and has truly helped me understand the material. Plus, tutoring sessions are often one on one so you have the chance to answer every question you have. When it comes to time management I have learned that the key is to not procrastinate. Doing a little bit of homework each night will lighten the load tremendously. Knowing to avoid my high school habits the first week of school would have helped very much on my first set of tests. Being in a learning community has helped me meet students with similar academic
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Unformatted text preview: interests. There are a couple kids in my learning community whom I study and do homework with multiple times a week. Also there are even more kids whom I hang out with on weekends that I most likely wouldn’t have ever met if not for my learning community. Morgan Hampel In order to manage the stress of school I make multiple trips a week to the library in order to get away from distractions of other stuff and to get focused on homework. Also, even though I hate my dorm because it’s all guys with no air conditioning it does have one perk. If I get stressed out or overwhelmed with homework I know I can always come back to my dorm knowing that nothing will be going on there and it will be dead silent. Getting to know your peer mentor and instructors can be very helpful because they want to help you. Many of them have been through the very exact same things we are going through, so they know how to guide us to success....
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SECOND REFLECTION PAPER - interests There are a couple kids...

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