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Visual Analysis - Hampel 1 Morgan Hampel Brenna Dixon...

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Hampel 1 Morgan Hampel Brenna Dixon English 150 17 November 2010 Visual Analysis Every day, students like myself, take hundreds and maybe thousands of steps going to our dorms, classes, dining halls etcetera. As Iowa State Cyclones, we are very privileged and honored to be surrounded by such beautiful pieces of modern and rustic architecture as well as gorgeous natural beauty courtesy mother nature. It wasn’t until the “Photo a Day” project that I got to fully take in and absorb this beauty. Through direction, pattern, and color I combine Iowa State’s man-made beauty along with the natural beauty by taking a picture of both with one click of the camera. According to Iowa State’s homepage, our campus was ranked as one of the most beautiful campuses nationwide. Despite the article I still feel we are much underrated. The combination of sculptures, modern buildings, antique buildings and nature makes Iowa State very appealing to the eye. In my photo I wanted to incorporate the greenery of Iowa State’s campus along with its architecture. On the way to the Leid Recreation Center on Beach Ave., there is a path that runs alongside the Oak-Elm dormitories and in front of the Forker building. Midway through the path I was blinded by sun. To block the sun shining through the trees, I immediately raised my hand and placed it on my right eyebrow as if to salute an officer. That’s when something caught my eye, the only thing to do after that was to snap the photo.
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Visual Analysis - Hampel 1 Morgan Hampel Brenna Dixon...

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