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CourseIntro - Physics 2053C Section 3 Professor Brian...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2053C Section 3 Professor Brian Tonner Why am I here? Because it’s part of my major…. Because it’s the last class I need to graduate…. Because I’m a masochist…… Because….. Physics is Phun! This is the “World Year of Physics” We’re celebrating the Einstein Centennial Einstein said: “Never memorize anything you can look up.” Important things about this class WebAssign (www.webassign.net) ­­see me if you did not receive a WebAssign email ­­try out on the web in­class if network is working Class web page http://photon.physics.ucf.edu Structure of Class – Two classes per week­­introduce concepts, then work problems and applications – Homework is done from Thursday to Monday morning – Stay up­to­date! TIPS FOR DOING WELL IN THIS COURSE: Check the web site (photon.physics.ucf.edu) for class notes. Check WebAssign often for updates, announcements, and due dates. Use the WebAssign Forum (chat room) when you work on your assignments Attend class. The demonstrations will help you remember key concepts. Attend class. Class time is used primarily for showing how to solve problems. You must read the text. The text is your first place for learning the new concepts. Take all of the exams. Attend and complete all of the laboratories. IT ALL ADDS UP! How did others do? Class grades for labs are high if you do them! Class grades for homework are high if you attempt them! Class grades on exams are good if you attend class and do the homework! Chapter 1 Major Concepts General definition of physics – Physics is the description of natural phenomena with mathematical precision. Systems of units – – – Length Time Mass Dimensional analysis Significant figures Unit conversions Estimating orders of magnitude Problem Solving Strategies TRY GOOGLE FOR UNITS AND CONVERSIONS! ...
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