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Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics Chapter 12 Solution: Motion of car A : a A constant = 0 v A0 a A t = s A v A0 t 1 2 a A t 2 = t v A0 a A = s A v A0 2 2 a A = Motion of car B : a B 0 = v B v B0 = s B v B0 t = s B v B0 v A0 a A = The distance between cars A and B is ds B s A = v B0 v A0 a A v A0 2 2 a A = 2 v B0 v A0 v A0 2 2 a A = d 2 v B0 v A0 v A0 2 2 a A = Problem 12-33 If the effects of atmospheric resistance are accounted for, a freely falling body has an acceleration defined by the equation ag 1 cv 2 () = , where the positive direction is downward. If the body is released from rest at a
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